Christianity is not a spectator religion. As Christians we are called to spread the
gospel to this world. At Lakeshore we take this calling literally and seriously so we strive to reach out with love, and show Christ’s love, to our church Cicero, Syracuse, New York State, The United States, the WORLD!

Local Missions


We are working together with the Rescue Mission in Syracuse as well as the local Thrifty Shopper to serve meals, decorate bags, work at their clothing stations, and donate.
We are in the process of setting this up. But we plan to visit, serve, and spend time with the residents of a nursing home on a quarterly basis.
We know that a small gesture can go a long way, that is why we send our cards for birthdays, sickness, loss, and more. Showing people that we are thinking of them and that we care is important.
We know that too often parents don’t get time to themselves. We hold a couple free babysitting afternoons in hopes to give parents the time to date, shop, or just relax for a few hours.
We want to personally invite our community to visit our church, which is why we quarterly go around the neighborhoods and leave invite door-hangers while praying for our community.


A family friendly egg hunt event with fun for the whole family, including games, crafts, raffle baskets, a bounce house, and more!
More Info coming soon
More Info coming soon
A family fun event consisting of vendors, music, crafts, face painting, and much more.
A fun Christmas event with a new theme every year, designed for family fun and entertainment.

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International Missions

South America




You can find more info about the missionaries that serve in these countries at our connect center.

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